Tuesday, July 14, 2009

See my portfolio!

As with anything, its a good idea to check your sources when you are offered information. With that in mind, the first few posts will be about me and my background as a creative professional. Like most, I grew up drawing pictures and coloring pages in coloring books. But, unlike most, I had a natural inclination toward drawing and I stuck with it. I got very serious about it in the 9th grade and spent a great deal of time drawing photographs out of National Geographic.

I did Advanced placement Art my senior year and earned some college credit. It still took me a good three years to finished my associates degree at a small private college in Rexburg, Idaho. I guess I was interested in getting an education, not a degree. Many of my teachers had attended a school in California called Art Center College of Design, so that was my next move. With our one-year old in tow, we moved to Glendale, California. I graduated valedictorian of my class in Aug. of 2003.

We then moved to Logan, Utah where I began freelancing as an artist/illustrator. I worked for friends and family and national children's magazines. I found an artist representative who promoted my work and sent me jobs for educational publishers such as McGraw Hill and Scholastic. The goal was to work for a while and then attend graduate school as preparation to teach art at the university level. In 2006 I began my graduate studies at Utah State University and graduated in the spring of 2009.

So that is the paper trail...the learning has been incredible!

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